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Ethics RM

With 600K active users, the most advanced Research Ethics software in the world delivers a fully customisable solution that unlocks real-time collaboration between co-researchers and automate processes that streamline the complete cycle of your project.


Our cloud-based Clinical Trial Management System has powered +180K clinical studies, bringing a simple end-to-end solution for set-up, compliance, budget control and performance reports, as well as instant visibility over multiple trials.

Tissue Auditor

With our Human Tissue Tracking System, you can build a drag-and-drop virtual facility that gives you real-time sample monitoring and data recording. With Tissue Auditor, you’ll increase efficiency, accuracy and compliance via a straightforward interface that has held +1M samples to date.

Whitehall Training

Thanks to our Clinical Research Compliance Training Platform, our flexible online training courses for pharmaceutical and medical researchers have accelerated the learning of +21K people worldwide. Available in 12 languages, researchers can learn at their own pace while training managers can seamlessly track progress and generate certificates.


Choosing a service provider that is responsive to your evolving needs is a crucial success factor. With Infonetica, we have had excellent support and are happy to work with them on an ongoing basis.

Kate DunbarGovernance Manager, Brunel University, London

It’s been amazing working with the Infonetica team. Everyone has been extremely supportive. Issues that we raised were promptly dealt with and resolved with minimal disruptions. The collaborative nature of the relationship and the commitment to further enhance the product to support the research community has been very refreshing.

Simon BarrettDeputy Director, Research Office, Monash

I have found working with Infonetica very easy and have had any questions resolved – they are also open to suggestions for upgrades to the system. Infonetica’s helpdesk system, Jira, is very easy to use.

Sam LewisResearch Governance Manager, University of Lincoln

Working with Infonetica was great. My two main contacts were fantastic and so knowledgeable. They have always been at the end of the phone when I needed help.

Alison BendallResearch Information Officer, Research & Innovation, University of Plymouth

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Case Studies

Transforming processes for The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

By using Ethics RM, this world-leading centre for research andpostgraduate education in global health created a sophisticated solution that dramatically  reduced the administrative load with an easy-access interface for staff and students in 180 countries worldwide.

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Streamlining thousands of applications for Monash University.

Since designing their own workflow within Ethics RM, the team at Monash University, Australia (Learn more..)

Automating processes and minimising human error at King’s College London.

Thanks to Ethics RM, the 1,900 ethics approval applications that King’s College processes every year have benefited from electronic (Learn more..)


As the publicly-funded healthcare system in Scotland and one of the four systems comprising the UK National Health Service, NHS Scotland operates 14 territorial boards seven non-geographic health boards and Public Health Scotland.


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