Ethics RM

With +600K active users, the most advanced Research Ethics software in the world delivers a scalable and customisable solution that unlocks real-time collaboration between co-researchers and automates processes that streamline the complete cycle of your project.

+2M applications

+600k Active users

+365k Active studies

  • User-friendly forms support single data entry
  • Real-time collaboration with co-researchers
  • Remove human error – never miss a question or an approval
  • Auto-submit forms to streamline your process
  • Automate and fast-track the review process
  • Track, compare and comment on applications in real-time
  • Schedule virtual meetings with committee members
  • Unburden manual labour and focus on outcomes
  • Our dynamic plug and play workflow supports the complete cycle of your process
  • Configure the system to meet your needs
  • Integrate Ethics RM seamlessly with other software
  • Proactively manage the system, so you stay in control
  • Eliminate administrative work with pre-scheduled notifications and reminders
  • Visualise the applications and portfolio status via your intuitive dashboard
  • Receive detailed reports and make data-driven decisions
  • Guaranteed high-level, cloud-based security, reduced paper waste and more successful outcomes

Case Studies

Transforming processes for The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

By using Ethics RM, this world-leading centre for research andpostgraduate education in global health created a sophisticated solution that dramatically  reduced the administrative load with an easy-access interface for staff and students in 180 countries worldwide.

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Streamlining thousands of applications for Monash University.

Since designing their own workflow within Ethics RM, the team at Monash University, Australia
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Automating processes and minimising human error at King’s College London.

Thanks to Ethics RM, the 1,900 ethics approval applications that King’s College processes every year have benefited from electronic
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