Scoremax Quiz

Strategy / Digital Marketing

The Challenge

ScoreMax Quiz is an education App for 12th standard students in India. They came to us in search of a brand message, compelling digital presence and achieving App downloads. Working closely with the SMQ team, we were able to capture their vision, tell their story and spread the word about their unique product. We accomplished this by establishing a unified brand message across channels while highlighting the App’s value.

The catch: We were building their brand’s presence and marketing efforts from scratch with only 27 days to the board exams.

Our Approach

The first goal of this partnership was to understand both the brand as well as its ideal audience. With this objective in mind, we had to get our messaging spot on right from the get go as we did not have the luxury of time for a content audit. Using the brand ambassador, Actor R Madhavan, to our advantage we kicked off to a great start.

Social media

Given the short duration of the project, driving awareness and App downloads were paramount. We were all school kids back in the day, therefore generating engaging and relatable content was exciting and took us back to the good old times. From quizzes and facts to relatable content to driving App downloads, we did it all. Engagement gained momentum with every post and we made sure the Pages were very responsive to any queries.

Digital Advertising

Backing our digital advertisements with crisp messaging and supporting creatives, we received great results from Facebook, Instagram, Google and Youtube.

The Bottom Line

It all comes down to the numbers. During the 27 day project, we achieved:




App Downloads
(Social Media)


Facebook and Instagram community growth