The Alternate

Strategy / Digital Marketing / Digital Development / Production

The Set Up

The Alternate came to us as an idea. An idea with a cause and ambitions as high as the stratosphere. That idea was to create a lifestyle brand that focuses on non-leather products for men.

Social Media

After in-depth discussions with the Founder and understanding his needs, we crafted a Social Media approach that kept minimalism at the center of all brand communication. Campaigns and posts strive to say more with less and at the same time, keep the audience engaged.


In March 2017, The Alternate team approached us to redesign their existing website. The previous website lacked the overall clean and simple feel of the brand, and this is was something we had to change. Selecting the right banners, bringing forward the brand’s values, using subtle design elements and creating an experience that made for easy navigation for visitors is what we achieved after 2 weeks of research and caffeine-fuelled days.


Increase in users


Decrease in bounce rate


Increase in orders

Casual Collection Launch

10 months after The Alternate had gone live, the brand planned to launch a new line of shoes: the casual collection. Who doesn’t love a good tease? Our launch campaign for the casual collection was a series of cryptic creatives that subtly hinted towards the launch of a casual collection.


Website traffic(increase by 228%)


Increase in sales

Influencer Campaign

Talking about your brand is great, but what’s the point if no one else is? As part of our Influencer strategy, we team up with bloggers across the country to maintain an ongoing influencer campaign.
For the launch of the casual collection, we went a step further. Partnering with 15 of the finest bloggers across India, we were able to create a substantial impact on launch day with all our bloggers promoting the new collection.






From the dawn of time, Hashtag Inc. has planned, prepared and executed the direction of every photo shoot for the brand. We work with 2 photographers in the city who are in sync with our thought process and achieve what we plan. Using the right model to portray the bold look of the brand and props that make for an aesthetic picture, we put together a shoot that depicts the products with class and is fun to execute.