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What is Twisty?

Furniture like you’ve never seen before. Twisty is all kinds of awesome and has a great range of fun, foldable furniture from stools to lamps to benches. The team behind the idea is young, filled with zeal, and passionate about making living exciting.

The wrong step

When Team Twisty approached us, they wanted to position the brand as a niche and classy brand that gets straight to the point. Two months into the launch, we noticed that while the brand was making progress, it lacked engagement on Social Media. This made us take a step back and realise that the brand needed a content audit

Pivoting into something exciting

After re-evaluating the brand, the products it offers and, most of all, its target audience, we came to the conclusion that the brand needed to be fresh, sound young and include its audience in conversation. We reimagined the brand in friendly avatars, giving life to the furniture and creating stories around them through doodles and sketches.

With this new approach, Twisty was unstoppable. We saw a welcoming increase in engagement and reactions. People appreciated the content and looked forward to more from the brand. And boy, did we have a lot of fun!

Twisty around the world

This new design approach gave us access to a ton of previously impossible ideas. Twisty Around The World saw Twisty’s products imagined in different parts of the world and numerous people interacting with them. This campaign resonated with every person who loves travel and adventure, while also displaying the ease of carrying a Twisty with you which was more of a companion rather than furniture.

Life’s a Twist

We looked at the Facebook cover picture and wanted to do something amazing with this real estate. Thus, Life’s a Twist was born. Twisty products in a comic adventure, what’s not to love?

Twisty on the web

Our approach to the website was to make a visitor feel a sense of calm and understand what the brand is about during their stay.


Twisty is always engaging with potential clients and businesses offline. The team came to us to design a brochure which they could hand out at events and meetings. We designed the brochure step-by-step and created an experience which gives the reader a 360degree tour of Twisty.