The Bleu Label

Strategy / Digital Marketing / Digital Development / Production

The Brief

The Bleu Label came to us one October afternoon in 2016, dropped a bag of freshly made denim clothes and said: "Let's create something special."
The Bleu Label wanted to share its love for all things denim. This is a story of how we did that.

Social media

The words "simple, clean and subtle" were kept in mind as we showcased The Bleu Label's products on social media. We focused on how the brand speaks and behaves, assigning human characteristics and traits so as to achieve differentiation. We achieved it by keeping the tone friendly and fun.

#not Launch

The brand launched its new collection in July 2017, by introducing a dash of colour to its usually blue denim. The brief was to promote the unique aspects of the denim clothing and highlight the change in design the brand had taken. The approach taken on social media had a bold voice with a series of strong negating lines showcasing that The Bleu Label is #not like any other denim brand.

Our campaign had the following taglines:
#not just blue #not heavy #not boring #not just denim #not all denim is jeans
The #not collection saw an upturn in social media reach and conversions.


Increase in sales


Total number of online store visits (increase by 43%)


Increase in page views


Increase in page likes


The arrival of the #not collection persuaded us to change the appearance of The Bleu Label's website. We desired it to look more appealing and engaging while showcasing the numerous garments The Bleu Label had on its shelves. The change in appearance worked and increased the number of page views from the period of 40 days from the launch of the new collection.


Increase in users


Increase in average time on page


Increase in orders


Repeat customer rate

Influencer Campaign

We teamed up with influencers and bloggers to increase brand awareness and encourage fans and audience to use the hashtag #GoBleu. The hashtag was key to create continuous visibility and also to associate the brand with what it stood for.


For The Bleu Label's launch, our photo shoot revolved around using well-known models to wear our denim, pose and use different props to good effect. The photo shoot for the #not collection was achieved with the minimal use of models. We thought of fun, creative ways to capture the garments. Infusing colour into our generally blue and white tone was also an enjoyable challenge and we made the most of the task by producing lively videos.